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World-Renowned Martial Arts Sensei Guillermo Gomez Relocates to Sarasota

Opens Region’s First Martial Fusion® Budo Training Center

guillermo gomez martial fusion seminar budo

Sarasota, Florida – January 11, 2018 – Guillermo Gomez – creator of Martial Fusion, founder/director of United States AIKIKAI and the producer of Budo Expo – has relocated to Sarasota to open the region’s first Martial Fusion Budo Center, located at 2902 Hyde Park Street.

Gomez designed the center from the ground up as a multi-dimensional training space, where he offers programs and classes geared towards business professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs and those seeking to develop their leadership and conflict resolution skills, and build confidence, a stronger self-image and overall self-awareness. “The purpose of martial arts physical training is internal development,” said Gomez.

Gomez teaches Aikido as the primary martial art in his trainings because of its practical and philosophical qualities. An Aikido student views conflict not as a contest with others, but as an opportunity to overcome the enemy within. "The energetic and flowing spiral movements of Aikido techniques provoke states of meditation in motion that remove obstacles, impurities and toxins in the system, allowing the practitioner to awake and evolve as a conscious human being," says Gomez. 

Martial Fusion® Budo Training is a concept developed by Gomez based on Aikido, kickboxing, yoga, qigong and zen meditation. The discipline offers an effective and universal body-mind-spirit holistic training for men and women of all levels. The aim is to cultivate and improve health, longevity, flexibility, vitality, energy, stamina, posture, alignment, strength, coordination, agility, adaptability, balance, focus, clarity, inner development and spiritual awareness. 

"The idea of control is just an illusion,” said Gomez. “All we can really do is adapt to constant change – life is motion.”

About Guillermo Gomez

A fifth-degree black belt by Hombu Dojo Japan, Guillermo Gomez started training in martial arts and other healing arts at the age of 10. Fluent in English and Spanish, Gomez has worked with thousands of students, private companies, law enforcement agencies, military personnel, SWAT teams and corporate groups, teaching seminars and workshops around the world. Gomez has traveled to over 30 different countries, from the Amazon jungle in search of healing and shamanic rituals, to training with the monks in China's legendary Shaolin Temple. For more information, visit or call (800) 311-7088.

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