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A Few of our favorite things...

When you work in an industry like ours, you get to collaborate with businesses and individuals who can inspire you in many ways. Sometimes, a project you touch will leave a lasting mark that not only makes you smile, but also reminds you of the journey an idea takes from conception to fruition — even if it never even sees the light of day. 

Without further ado, from the clever and creative to the marketable and memorable, these are a few of our favorite things.


Allison's Pick

The new and improved Grapevine logo is my favorite project because I wanted to respect the legacy of our organization (which was originally founded in Montreal, Canada in 1988), but add a fresh, new perspective that reflects the spirited nature of the company.

Layer 50

Lisa's Pick

These brochures must be my all-time favorite project! It was a designer’s dream to work on them. This project had all the bells and whistles, including die-cuts, laser-cut lettering, varnishes, finishes and foils. The finished pieces were exquisite!

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Tammy's Pick

Synchrony Yacht’s brochure is by far one of my favorites. It was a beautiful piece with many unique design elements that told the client’s story and really showcased their brand.

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Tammy Dummer
Robert Holzler

Rob's Pick

My favorite project is the website for the Van Wezel Foundation. We built an on-brand, colorful and fun website that continues to grow and change. The tools we built into the site have made it easy for the Foundation to update and expand since we trained them, even with the turnover in staff and volunteers that are tasked with managing it. It is a great example of how we build sites that look great and are easy to manage.

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John's Pick

My favorites are the ad development mock-ups we did for King Plastic. These concepts were not used, but they were fun to create because we took such a mundane set of products and brought life to them in a way that has not been done before. Ultimately, the client decided to go with a more traditional approach, but I think these would’ve had such a greater impact.

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John Butzko
Kristie O'kon

Kristie's Pick

My fondness for this project comes from the teamwork with Lisa, John and the client to bring this campaign to fruition. The goal was to help the client raise $250,000 in a two-year span.

Not only was that achieved, but we knocked it out of the park. The fact that a new sticker was placed every time a donation was made, thanks to our incredibly diligent client, made for an amazing visual display.

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Joan's Pick

My favorite project was the acrylic progress piece we made for Enzymedica because of all the obstacles I had to overcome to make it happen. This piece certainly challenged me as a Production Manager, from working with the vendor to get it built to sourcing the “fill’ to show progress.

After all the hard work and troubleshooting, we were able to produce a piece that the client loved and was visually appealing!

Joan Burnell

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David's Pick

I liked working on the Oak & Stone projects because they brought a new brand to town with a unique concept to advertise. I also enjoyed the great food and brews.

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TY's Pick

I believe the partnership between Grapevine and Glasser is the perfect marriage of agency and client. It’s a great feeling to know you are truly working to improve the quality of life for those in the community who need support. Being able to collaborate with Sarah and the whole team at Glasser is incredible and the communication/teamwork that exists between us is unparalleled.

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Meredith's Pick

On behalf of our client, Sarasota Yacht Club, we share stories that capture milestones and traditions, feature its most memorable events, and pay tribute to the members who make the Club shine so brightly. One of my favorites is a front-page feature on Sarasota Yacht Club member Dr. John Manhold, who continues to get paid for writing Amazon book reviews at the age of 101.

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Erin's Pick

I loved doing the photoshoot for the SRQ Faces Of edition with our team at Music Compound. It was super cool to do a flashback to the ’90s and to have the whole team dressed up in their version of that era.

We incorporated an old landline phone, a fur vest, shiny fabric and lots of laughs to make Grapevine’s rock band. It was a wonderful experience and great to work with the whole team at once

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Patrick's Pick

The ad creative we put together for the 26 West Center was probably one of my favorite projects. Despite never using these concepts as actual collateral, in the end, it was a project that showed how far our team creatively could go on a relatively tight deadline. The presentation that these pieces were in was fantastic, from the messaging to overall design. This was a great example of how, collectively, we came together to produce solid work – even if it’s something the public never sees.

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patrick ferlise

Shane's Pick

My favorite project I’ve worked on here has to be the animated Kookies and Kream character. Ty and I collaborated on this, and it is by far the most fun thing I’ve done in years. I may have spent too much time on it, but I was able to hone my skills in the process.

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Shane Hughes, Art Director, and his son.
Nicole Miller

Nicole's Pick

My favorite client to write social media content for is Toale Brothers Funeral Home & Crematory. While this might seem odd, I enjoy gaining insight about the client’s field and sharing what I’ve learned from history and other cultures, and how they celebrate and honor life after someone has passed away.

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Cara's Pick

One of my first projects was to work on coming up with my “fun” business card title when I joined the team. Everyone in the agency has what we like to call a business in the front, party in the back card. It’s a great conversation starter and a fun way for us to show off our creative abilities.”

Cara Fun Pic
Dane Fun Pic

Dane's Pick

One project that I really enjoyed working on was for Kelsea Koenreich. The location shoots were extremely laidback and we had a great time collaborating with Kelsea to complete this project for her business. Post-production was probably my favorite part of the process simply because Kelsea put her trust in our team to tell her story in a creative and eye-catching manner. I’m very proud of this project because of the end-product but more so of the story that it tells.

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Karen's Pick

I love this infographic because it is easy to read, making it a quick look for potential companies considering moving to our area which impacts valuable dollars to local suppliers (like us). The composition of the piece also tells a story and leads the eye down for intriguing readability. It invites questions to learn more about the area.


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JoAnn's Pick

This video so vividly represents the frenetic energy of the 2022 Wine, Women and Shoes event which raised a record 1.1 million dollars, money that supports the
Forty Carrots Family Center. I’m proud of the fact that Grapevine is an integral part of the success of this program that benefits children throughout
the Suncoast area.