Fact Sheet
TreeUmph! Adventure Course
21805 S.R. 70 East
9 Miles East of I-75
Bradenton, FL 34211
941-322-2130, Toll-Free: 855-322-2130

  1. TreeUmph! Adventure Course is Southwest Florida’s first treetop obstacle course.

  2. The destination park will attract tourists and residents from the Greater Tampa to Fort Myers area, with an estimated annual draw of 25,000 to 40,000 people to the East Manatee area.

  3. The estimated economic impact is expected to reach $2 Million, with $1 Million in local consulting and construction services; $500,000 in payroll, supplies and materials; and $500,000 in peripheral business from visitors traveling to the destination.

  4. The company broke ground at a new 14-acre property in East Bradenton on Thursday, October 11, 2012. A Grand Opening celebration was held on January 12, 2013.

  5. The park can serve up to 400 people per day.

  6. The park experience ranges from a 2-hour to 4-hour adventure.

  7. Ticket pricing is as follows:

    • Children’s Ticket (ages 7 to 11) $25.95

    • Junior Ticket (ages 9 to 11) $34.95

    • Adult Ticket (ages 12+) $49.95

    • Senior Ticket (ages 65+) $39.95

    • Special Friday night tours (ages 12+) 59.95

    • Military rates and immediate family members (maximum 5 people) with valid ID: 20% off Regular Ticket Prices

  8. The company will create 15 to 20 full-time and part-time jobs for residents of Manatee and Sarasota Counties in the first year of business. Of those, 11 to 12 will participate in the Guide Training Program and 4 to 6 will be Customer Service staff responsible for reservations and sales. Positions will be hourly, and pay range will be dependent upon skills and experience.

  9. The course was designed and built by Outplay Adventures, the New York distributor of Quebec-based TreeGo Canada, an international leader in aerial adventure courses. TreeGo has installed over 40 adventure courses successfully in France, Canada, Holland and the United States.

  10. Outplay Adventures is contracted by TreeUmph! Adventure Course to design the aerial adventure courses, construct the courses, train staff and guides, provide safety procedures and guidelines that are time-tested at other parks, and do routine safety, material inspections and repairs.

  11. Outplay Adventures supports the United States operations for TreeGo by providing a U.S.-based business, a U.S.-based work force to augment the TreeGo building team, a U.S.-based training staff, and a U.S.-based inspection and repair staff. All stages of the project are overseen by the TreeGo team.

  12. TreeUmph! Adventure Course will be bound to TreeGo’s Charter of Safety & Quality Control.

  13. TreeGo’s innovative compression system safely secures platforms to trees without damaging them or infringing upon their continued growth and health, and allows sap to circulate freely.

  14. Courses are designed to minimize root damage, and sensitive habitats such as wetlands will be left in their natural condition.

  15. Construction techniques are based on standards published by ACCT and standardized by ANSI. The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is a trade organization that has served Challenge Course Professionals throughout the world since 1993, and is now accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards developer.

  16. Owners Aaron and Kathy Corr have strong professional, entrepreneurial and business management experience, having owned and operated several small businesses, including an eco-tour kayak business, a marine science and education company, physical therapy clinics, and environmental engineering and consulting firms in both the United States and New Brunswick, Canada.

  17. The company hired local businesses, with financing provided by Gateway Bank of Southwest Florida, Sarasota architect Steve Isaacson designing the Base Camp, site engineering provided by Lombardo, Foley & Kolarik of Palmetto, Base Camp construction and site development by Holland Construction of Sarasota, and advertising, marketing and public relations by Grapevine Communications of Sarasota.

  18. The project is permitted with both Manatee County and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). The consulting team answered reviewer’s questions and concerns quickly and easily, as the project has little impact on the environment and natural landscape. Contact Robert Schmitt, Administrative Review Division Manager: 941-748-4501.

  19. The Outdoor Recreation Participation Top Line Report of 2010 says that activities that can be “done in a day” most fulfill the needs of the adventure-seeking. The report also found an increase in “Pay to Play” participants by 10.4% in 2010.

  20. Extreme sports have emerged as a new sports genre.

  21. Sarasota and Manatee Counties have eco-tourism sports performance industry initiatives.