Quiet Puck™ Lowers Noise Levels on the Factory Floor

Corry, Pennsylvania- April 3, 2013 - Pucks are used by many companies to increase throughput, eliminate changeover time and cost, shorten time to market and increase product capabilities. A quieter factory floor reduces stress and improves workers’ ability to communicate, making for happier, more productive employees. Now manufacturing plants can reduce decibel levels on automated filling lines that use carrier handling systems or pucks.

“When pucks are returned to the line, plastic meets plastic and makes a sound. Multiply that by numerous pucks and manufacturing equipment and you have a noisy manufacturing floor,” said Bruce Cleevely, an engineer with 35 years in the plastics industry who worked on the Quiet Puck project. “With Advantage Puck’s Quiet Puck, manufacturers can enjoy all of the productivity gains pucks deliver, plus the benefits of a quieter, less stressful workplace,” he also stated.

Advantage Puck Technologies (www.adv-puck.com) developed the Quiet Puck® by adding energy-absorbing material and bumpers to its standard pucks. The result is a noise reduction of 10 times the dBA level emitted when standard pucks collide at the end of filling lines. This will help you meet OSHA’s permissible exposure levels and reduce hearing protection costs.

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