Home-Tech Brings High-Tech Approach to Air Conditioning and Appliance Repair
Use of iPads Makes the Process Easier for Consumers

Bradenton, Florida – February 16, 2012 – Home-Tech, one of Southwest Florida’s leading air conditioning and major appliance sales and service providers, is bringing a high-touch, high-tech approach to appliance sales and service. The company’s sales representatives are using Apple iPad® technology to create proposals and improve communication with customers.

For Home-Tech’s representatives in the field, the use of tablet technology streamlines the proposal process and makes it more professional. The biggest benefit from a customer perspective is that the sales representative can design a system customized for their home using iPad technology.

John Hayo, Technical Representative for Home-Tech, explains, “Any time an air-conditioning system is replaced, a heat-load calculation needs to be performed. Using an app on the iPad, we can perform this calculation and it verifies the proper-sized system for the customer’s home. This process allows the homeowner to be involved during the customization of their home comfort system, and that’s a big help because they understand the energy usage and the savings they receive. And, it helps us to accurately design the most efficient system for their home.”

Allowing customers to see the products in action is another benefit of using the technology. Hayo adds, “Home automation is here now. We have demo units in our showrooms and our sales representatives have these systems in their homes. Using the iPad, we can access these systems, turn the lights on and off, check the temperature of the home, and the customer can actually see the systems in action.”

Milton Bontrager, one of the company’s A/C and Appliance Techs, has been using an iPad and a Conica tablet in his sales calls. “Not only can we create a proposal and email it immediately using this technology, we can access any proposal that has already been written through our website. We use photographs and online brochures, and we can access our catalog online. Customers can see the products we are recommending, see them in action and use the iPad like a menu, choosing the items they want.”

Moving to a paperless system also has benefits for the company and its customers. “We are emailing proposals and receipts, which is both more economical and environmentally friendly,” Bontrager added. Coming soon, he said, is a series of videos that customers can watch to learn more about the equipment being recommended.

Hayo concludes, “This technology has streamlined our processes internally and allows us to feature some of the benefits that Home-Tech gives the customer if they purchase from us. Moving forward, nearly all home automation will be controlled from a tablet or cell phone. Customers will be able to check on their properties anywhere in the world using these tools. We’re showing customers that we can put these products into their homes now, to increase efficiency and safety.”

About Home-Tech
Home-Tech has been an industry leader and trendsetter in the fields of home-service agreements, air conditioning, and major appliance sales and service for three decades. Founded in 1981 by Steve Marino, who continues as President and Chairman of the Board, Home-Tech is privately held and employee-owned. Home-Tech employs 135 people in Southwest Florida and provides services in Sarasota, Manatee, Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties. Home-Tech operates from its headquarters in Fort Myers and a regional Sarasota/Bradenton office. For more information, visit www.Home-Tech.com or call 1-800-800-8356.

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