Biz941-Women-of-Influence-2013Angela Massaro-Fain
Grapevine Communications

A lot of words are used to describe Angela Massaro-Fain: "Creative," "unstoppable" and "hard-working" are a few that come to mind. "Generous is another word that's often mentioned - and if you know her, you know Massaro-Fain's heartfelt commitment to the community.

Internship programs for young designers, guest speaking and panel participation in various community entrepreneurial programs are at the top of her to-do list. She takes her responsibilities as this year's chair of Junior Achievement Sarasota Manatee and co-chair of "A Night in Paris" gala (to benefit the Lakewood Ranch Community Fund) seriously. Massaro-Fain says that she does not try to "influence"; she prefers to "inspire."

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