Senior Art Director

Started working at Grapevine as a graphic design intern during her senior year at USF • 11 years later, she is now Grapevine’s Senior Art Director • Not only likes to be creative at the office, but in the kitchen as well, cooking and baking tasty treats • Thinks being a mommy is great because she gets to be the kid-at-heart she loves to be • “I like smiling. Smiling’s my favorite!”


Want to get to know Lisa a little more?
See if you can pick the 2 truths below!

lisa 1

Was on a competitive high-kick dance team in high school

lisa 2

Won 2nd place in a baking competition for her lemon raspberry cupcakes

lisa 3

Once convinced her preschool teachers her name was “Lisa Pizza” and had them all confused when her mom came to pick her up

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