Heidi Cook

Director of Operations

Grew up on Lawn Guyland, New York • When she was a young child, she thought that everyone’s grandmothers’ names were Mollie, because both of hers were • Her first job out of college was as a typesetter at the local newspaper • Entered the world of advertising two years later, where she has remained ever since • Relocated to Sarasota in 2005 with her husband • Crazy dog mom to Kira and Katrina, who proudly have their own Facebook page with 4,300+ followers


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See if you can pick the 2 truths below!

heidi 1

Was a bone marrow donor

heidi 2

Met her husband in an AOL chat room

heidi 3

Went to the same high school as the guy who played “Eldin” on Murphy Brown

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