Fun. Creative. Committed.
Seriously Unserious.

We believe that great work comes from a great place to work.
That’s why company culture is a big part of what makes Grapevine who we are.

Life in our office is fast paced, driven by unique personalities who bring fun to the table and create a diverse, welcoming atmosphere of creativity, community and family.

We collaborate closely to complement our strengths and inspire new ideas. And we are always open to share opinions, voice objections or suggest alternatives. For our clients, this means a working relationship that’s both fun and rewarding, because when you love what you do and truly respect and support the people you’re surrounded with, good work and great results always follow.


Creativity At Work

We collaborate closely to complement our strengths and inspire new ideas. A brilliant concept can come from anywhere and anyone, so we are always open to share opinions, voice objections or suggest alternatives to come up with a solution that’s efficient, effective and… well, effervescent.

We have so much fun working together it makes every day feel like a new adventure! 

- Jay, Web Developer

I am amazed and inspired on a daily basis by the artists in this building. The level of talent and creativity at Grapevine is unlike anywhere I’ve ever experienced. It is incredible to be surrounded by dynamically gifted individuals that are truly masters of their craft.

- Dane, Director of Video Production


There's Fun To Be Had

Life in our office is fast paced, driven by unique personalities who bring fun to the table and create a diverse, energetic atmosphere full of laughter and smiles. They say that when you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life. We believe it because we live it. Here at Grapevine, every day is a celebration of camaraderie, community and coming up with creative concepts alongside people who are just like family.

From team building activities at TreeUmph Adventure Course, to alien themed potlucks, there are so many things that make our culture fun! We truly are a family!

- Lisa, Executive Creative Director

I love that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. There’s always raucous laughter that echoes down the halls daily.

- Rob, Director of Web Development

I LOVE our Grapeful Jar! It’s such a great way to lift spirits in the office and acknowledge each other.

- Cara, Client Relations Manager

Grapevine Staff Halloween Pot luck

I think that the things that truly help enhance our company culture are our potlucks. What better way to connect than with food? We even up the stakes and “compete” against each other to create the most unique and interactive themes. Great fun and sense of team!

- Kristie, Chief Development Officer


Clients Come For The Results

Sure, the pictures and snappy headlines are great and all, but we know you’re here for one reason only: results. That’s why we’re here, too. Our team understands the importance of being clever and strategic while staying a step ahead of the trends to bring real marketing, advertising, public relations, social media and website results to you.

It’s good that we get to know the client before we begin a large project for them. This way, the end-product fits the character of their company and its people.

- Shane, Senior Art Director


Grapevine staff at Easterseals Southwest Florida

We Love Our Community

If your mission is to help others, Grapevine is here to help you. We have time, talent and treasure to willingly and eagerly contribute wherever the need is present. When it comes to giving back, we’ll donate money and services, color Thanksgiving cards, shop for and deliver gifts or food, walk dogs, fold costumes, sweep floors, pour beer, sing songs and even give blood. Whatever it takes, we’re there and we’re ready.

I thoroughly enjoy volunteering and giving back to our community and doing it with my work family makes it all that much better!

- Joan, Director of Production &
Project Management

Grapevine Staff in pink

Our company culture is one of the most important aspects of who we are at Grapevine. It’s showing up every day knowing your teammate has your back through all the ups, the downs and the in-betweens to ensure camaraderie and confidence in everything we do. It takes this unity and cohesion to create a positive, pleasant workplace you enjoy going to every day, with people who naturally bring out your creativity. Think Paradise Island meets the Island of Misfit Toys. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

- Allison, President/CEO/Owner


Awards Are Always Nice

160+ Addy Awards

2003 – 2019 “Top 25 PR Firms of SW FL,” TBBJ

2006 “Young Business Award,” Sarasota Chamber

2006 – 2019 “Gulf Coast Top 500,” Business Observer

2010 “Small Business of the Year,” Sarasota Chamber

2012 “Best Advertising & Marketing Firm,” Living on The Suncoast

2014 – 2021 “Best Of – Advertising Agency,” SRQ Mag

2015 “Greater Good Philanthropy Award,” Biz941 Magazine

Grapevine staff receiving marketing advertising communication awards.
Grapevine Staff having a good time.
Gravevine Staff having a good time.

2016 “Corporate Philanthropy Award,” TBBJ

2018 “Standing Ovation Award,” Sisterhood for Good

2019 “Localpreneur of the Year,” SRQ Mag

2020 GrowFL Company to Watch

2021 Gold and Silver Angel Awards

2021 “Bull by the Horns” Awarded by the LWRBA

2021 “Best Place to Work,” SRQ Mag

2021 “Best Business Leader,” SRQ Mag

2022 Platinum – “Best Marketing/Creative Agency” SRQ Mag

2022 Gold – “Best Business Leader” SRQ Mag

2022 “Women Owned Business Award” Sarasota Chamber

2022 “Small Business of the Year – Category V,” Manatee Chamber

2023 “Top 10 Best Places to Work,” SRQ Mag

2023 Platinum – “Best Business Leader,” SRQ Mag

2023 Platinum – “Best Marketing/Creative Agency” SRQ Mag

2023 Platinum – “Best Videography” SRQ Mag