John Butzco
John Butzko
Director of Communications

About John...

Vintage: Ripened in the bright New Jersey sunshine. Washed where the waters of the Gulf run deep and cool. Enjoyed seasonally paired with extra hops and sandy feet.

Best part of working at Grapevine: Each grape in the bunch is unique and swelling with creative juices.

Work philosophy: Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Favorite color: The radiant, crystalline blue found in my wife's and my daughter's eyes.

Favorite brainstorming technique: The more brains involved, the better. Every idea has value.

Favorite hobby: To be with family, among friends, on the water, or lost in the pages of classic fiction.

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Happy.

John's Bio...

Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication.

Spent 11 years as the senior copywriter with a luxury real estate brokerage.

Contributed columns and articles for a subscription-based magazine.

Worked as a freelance copywriter and editor for national clients seeking assistance with web content, SEO enhancement, press releases, blog articles, social media updates and e-book ghostwriting.

Earned a multitude of advertising industry awards for print, brochure, newsletter, Elements of Advertising, and poster campaign copywriting.

Joined Grapevine as Copy & PR Manager in April 2013.

Promoted to Director of Communications in July 2015.

As director of communications, John Butzko is responsible for conceptualizing, creating and directing internal and external written communications for both Grapevine Communicationsand its clients.
Duties include: Overseeing public relations and social media initiatives; developing client and corporate communication strategies; sustaining Grapevine’s reputation for quality, creativity, reliability and client satisfaction; writing communication sent to the public on behalf of Grapevine and its clients; and serving as content creator and editor for  news releases & materials, online content, print advertisements, marketing collateral, broadcast media, etc.

John Butzko

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