There are certain symbols we see every day that no longer need words to tell us what they represent.

Those bright yellow “golden arches” are recognizable from miles away. When you see them, you know the meal experience you’ll get if you head there for a bite. It’s branded in your mind.

A simple stitched “swoosh” tells you that a garment is worn and endorsed by some of the biggest names, achievers and personalities in sports. You’ve seen it glide along courts, sprint into endzones and score winning goals. So, you can confidently choose that product for your own athletic endeavors. That symbol, too, is branded in your mind.

How about one more?

The white apple with an accentuating leaf on top and a small bite taken out of its side. There are very few people around the world who don’t know what to expect from products that are stamped with it. That little apple pops up almost everywhere. 

My point? Logos and icons go beyond their identifiable images to speak for the companies and their products themselves. They become symbols of differentiation that help convey the values, messages and distinction of service for the companies they represent. Simply, successful branding reaches past being just a familiar picture for millions of consumers.

When done correctly, branding touches consumers on a more personal level, thereby creating loyalty, faith and trust. It’s the summary of a long, intricate business story, all in an illustration, a set of colors or shapes, or several carefully chosen words. Branding at its best is a combination of processes involving your promises to customers, the service you deliver, the psychological connections you make, and the recognition that ties it all together.

What does this have to do with your business? Everything.

No matter the size of your operation, effective branding can make a world of difference in your business and how others perceive what you do. Here’s how:

  1. Consistency. Your brand assures your customers or clients consistency of experience. Serve them once with your branded promise matched with your logo and your business name and style of service will stick with them. They will know exactly what to expect when they see your brand. And most importantly, they’ll trust you to serve them again. Isn’t that what business is all about?
  2. Recognition. You want your consumers to recognize your logo when they see it. This helps them pick you out from the crowd and recommend your business to friends and family. Referrals can make your business a household name, and it’s easier to be referred to when your image is recognizable and memorable.
  3. Personality. Setting the brand for your company creates a personality to help you better communicate with your consumers. With better communication comes better messaging, and you want potential customers to hear and understand your messages above those of your competitors.

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