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From big events to small pats on the back for jobs well done, there’s always something going on and a reason to celebrate. Our State of the Grape page is your source for up-to-the moment client news and Grapevine views, with recently released articles, blogs, newsworthy announcements and more.

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Looking for the perfect sauce to pair with your website content? From mild & sweet to tangy & melt-your-face-off hot, we’ve got you covered. This month we turn up the heat on

Who doesn’t love a good deep-dish pizza? The endless layers and toppings are hard to resist. This month we’re serving up yet another recipe, so you have the inside scoop on our

SEO Update: Optimizing Page Titles. Recent changes at Google have prompted us to update our guide to optimizing page titles. If you read and followed the advice in our previous blog post,

In this month’s blog, we’re giving you a fresh look at how to craft compelling copy! Whether you’re drafting an important email, writing a blog, or developing messaging for a new campaign,

Sarasota, Florida – September 21, 2021 – Grapevine Communications won gold and silver Angel Awards at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) District 4 award ceremony held Saturday at the Westin in downtown

Ingredients: 4 cups of a newsworthy gem 1 media tool kit, to taste 1 prepared storyteller 3 heaping tablespoons of truth 1/2 teaspoon of perseverance A pinch of personality Mastering the art

A well-developed piece of collateral can enhance your brand, leaving a lasting impression on a prospective client or customer. When it comes to the design process, there are multiple steps taken to

Branding is fun, but you should consider all the steps you need to take before developing your logo, positioning statement and voice. In this month’s blog, we will be sharing our Perfect

Have you ever wondered what the secret sauce to social media success is? Well lucky for you, we have the answers and we’re serving them up for you on a silver platter.

So, you are managing your brand’s or client’s social media. You are manually creating, typing or posting content to four different platforms on top of numerous other responsibilities. And did I mention

As a social media enthusiast and public relations practitioner, I often find myself intrigued by the trillions of dollars spent on advertising (Hello, car ads!) that could go further when applied toward

The one thing in life that is constant is change. And do you know what changes daily? Your motivation and drive. Drive is not any easy thing to control by any means, and

The Central West Coast Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association recently hosted a webinar for members dedicated to the art of writing. Roy Peter Clark, Veteran Writing Coach and Scholar at

They say content is king – and if 2020 has taught us communicators anything, short-form content is here to stay. From the rise of Snapchat in 2013 to the virality of TikTok

If your computer password is “password”– you need to read this! We’re all familiar with credit card fraud and hacking especially around the holidays–ahem, Cyber Monday. But this National Computer Security Day

Sometimes one website just isn’t enough. Many companies have multiple product lines and service area locations. This can make managing content on a single website difficult or even impossible when you consider

Sarasota Agency Among Businesses Competing to Earn Prestigious Honor Sarasota, Florida – September 2, 2020 – Grapevine Communications is proud to be included in the first round of the 2020 Florida Companies

Sarasota, Florida – August 12, 2020 – CryoXL, the local leader in whole-body cryotherapy and IV hydration wellness in Sarasota and Manatee counties, announces the addition of Megan Kottemann in the role

Sarasota, Florida – July 30, 2020 – In support of its commitment to a clean marina, Sarasota Yacht Club is installing 10 mini reefs under its docks to help protect the Gulf

Thank you Sarasota Magazine for your feature on TreeUmph! Adventure Course! We’re all looking for outdoor activities that can be safe and fun — TreeUmph! is truly a Suncoast gem!  Read the Full Story

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