How to Choose an Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Agency That Meets the Goals and Challenges of Your Business. Every new relationship requires trust. So how do you know for sure that a relationship with Grapevine is right for your business?

Let’s start with our clients. Though our industry is known for client volatility, many Grapevine clients have depended on us for more than a decade. That’s a lot more stable than most relationships. We work with small, mid-size and large companies that have a local, national and even global scope.

Then take a look at our ownership. Angela Massaro-Fain founded Grapevine Communications in Montreal back in 1988. Ten years later, Grapevine was acquired by one of its customers, Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), a publicly traded corporation in the packaging industry. In 2002, Angela partnered with her husband, John Fain, to re-establish Grapevine in Sarasota, Florida. Since that time, the agency’s business has grown consistently every year. But one thing has never changed: Clients know that they can depend on the continuity of leardership and can meet with either Angela or John, the firm’s principals, at any time. This hands-on approach is at the core of Grapevine’s business philosophy.

Next, consider how Grapevine can help you make more money, become a leader in your industry, break through a sales plateau or launch a new product or service. As the only full-service agency headquartered in Sarasota with a full-time staff, Grapevine consistently provides clients with a wide range of advertising, marketing and public relations solutions. (See our full range of services.)

Finally, weigh the benefits of having us on your team. At Grapevine, we get to know your business, and we get to know you. And that relationship pays off. Our experienced professionals take the time to listen to what you have to say. We get to know your business and understand your target market in order to craft the most effective message. We even travel to our client’s trade shows, attend industry events and sit in on sales and marketing meetings… whatever it takes to learn as much as we can about your products and services, your goals and your challenges.

In short, we become a member of your team. Let’s face it, if you rely on one vendor for website development, another for branding strategy and a third for advertising, you’re wasting a lot of time and effort educating those different teams on your overall goals. When speed, flexibility and precise implementation are key, we can successfully manage your consistent brand message, plan campaigns across various media, and respond quickly to your changing needs.

For cost-conscious, responsive, out-of-the-box thinking that produces real results, get to know Grapevine. Call us today at 941-351-0024 for a free consultation. We look forward to building a relationship with you.