Life is full of wonderful surprises found around unexpected corners. Whether you are a professional in search of expanding your business or a salesperson looking to make a new connection, it makes sense to be prepared to run into just about anyone, anywhere. The one thing you should expect, however, is to lack the luxury of time when you do.

Time is of the Essence.
You need to perfect your elevator speech – or elevator pitch – to turn your chance encounters into a positive networking situation.

Consider an elevator ride. You share just a moment alone with a complete stranger. Normally, floor buttons are pressed and intentions are made to stare at the doors until they open to release you onto a new level. Within that time, you have that other rider’s complete attention.

Capture It!
An engaging elevator speech has the ability to summarize your experience, product, service, company or value effectively within the span of your inter-floor ride. People are short on time, so it must be brief. But even more importantly, it needs to be interesting and engaging enough to establish a real, lasting connection with your new contact. Your ultimate goal: Entice your new connection to exchange business cards or schedule a formal meeting together to continue the conversation.

Sounds Great… But How?
Your elevator speech must provide a synopsis of who you are, what you do and why you have future potential to whomever you are addressing – all in 30 seconds or less. Be prepared. You should be able to reel off your elevator speech whenever necessary – from a cocktail party conversation or in line at the grocery store to an actual ride in an elevator. Tip: Don’t be a commercial; People fast-forward through commercials for a reason. You want to phrase yourself more as a candid conversation, a trusted source, and a credible authority in your profession. Leave the discussion with the other person knowing that you are someone who can make a real impact in their life or business.

Stuck in Your Elevator? We Can Help.
Grapevine Communications can help you find your perfect pitch. We specialize in digging deep into the benefits of your business and uncovering the most essential elements to present to consumers. From slogans and mission statements to targeted campaigns and press releases, we work to ensure your message gets out… and your elevator rides are always worthwhile!