Across every industry, businesses are baking video projects into their marketing strategies. Digital content is increasing rapidly in popularity and the benefits are clear and wide-ranging, from the potential to boost sales leads to generating brand awareness and improving SEO rankings. Audiences have also spoken and, according to a recent study from Wyzowl, roughly 91% of consumers say they want to see more online videos produced by brands.

But creating a video, especially a high-quality project that’s professionally shot and edited, needs to be calculated and executed with specific intentions – not simply produced for the sake of diving into the digital content game. Just take a look at Grapevine’s Facebook reel from Aug. 15 to get a feel for the steps involved in delivering an eye-catching video. Like your company’s marketing strategy, there’s no one-size-fits-all project that hits every company’s objective and audience. In fact, our Director of Video Production, Dane Gass, shared that there are six main types that all serve different purposes. Check out how each project can strategically help your business reach its goals – and why it’s important to know which to produce.

Company Overview Videos – Typically referred to as the “about us” or “culture” video, this project is a mainstay of corporate video production that takes a deep dive into your company or organization. Overview videos are an ideal way to showcase your company’s product, history and team to prospective customers and even future employees. These types of projects truly take storytelling to the next level in a roughly two- to three-minute duration.

Brand Videos – Often set to music, brand videos may have a more promotional or commercial feel and can be shorter than a company overview. An “about us” video tries to tell the whole story or provide people with a virtual tour, whereas a brand video is designed to get them in the front door and are purely produced for awareness.

Product Announcements – Think about this: how hard is it to describe a new product through a press release? It’s exponentially easier to get the point across by visually demonstrating its effectiveness on camera. No fancy descriptions and overwritten copy is necessary simply because the audience can see the product in action.

Explainer Videos – Much like a new product announcement, explainer videos are perfect for startups or companies with complex services. If this is your business, then pay attention. These projects blend music and narration with onscreen graphics to break down what a company does in an easily digestible format. Creating a script is crucial and visual elements bring the idea to life.

Demonstration Videos – These projects are similar to explainer videos. However, demonstrations are a sales tactic. Either created as a live production or pre-taped full demonstration, the videos place on display a product or service’s key features and how they can be utilized in day-to-day life. Showcasing proof of concept can persuade customers to invest in whatever you’re selling.

Customer Testimonial Videos – Nothing is more compelling than hearing honest feedback from a client. In any industry, producing a testimonial video can be a game-changer for prospects when they are able to see and hear how real people feel about a product or service.

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