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  • Intern-Combatting Stereotypes

    One Non-existent Coffee Run at a Time “Oh, you’re an intern? You get coffee for people then, right?” Wow, good one! Haven’t heard that one before! In a world of stereotypes, breaking through can be di...
  • Comments of a Commuter

    As a resident of North Port and an employee at Grapevine, I have been commuting for the past 5+ years. This, of course, makes me an expert on interstate driving and behaviors.
  • Dealing with Bad Facebook Reviews

    If you have a Facebook page for your business, you may want to think twice about enabling reviews. While using Facebook to promote your business, the business reviews functionality could hurt more tha...
  • Writer’s Block: Spicing Up Your Social Media

    Trying to conquer the social media landscape can be an uphill battle. Each platform engages audiences differently, making it difficult to simply post the same message and generate success across the b...
  • SEO: Optimizing Headlines

    Web page headlines are used in much the same way as newspaper headlines. They are intended to present the subject of the page clearly and succinctly while helping readers find the content they are int...